Ulrike Schwalbe Beratung USB


Would you like to get to know your strenght and weaknesses, out of which you could find your success in career and life?

Is it, that somehow nobody sees your strenghts and you therefore cannot deliver best results?

Did you come to the conclusion that your abilities and knowledge is not been asked for any longer?

Is it difficult for you to cope with new standards?

Do you want to get to know yourself better again and have a critical but personal observation about your skills, experiences and knowledge in order to look clearer into the future?

Are you just about to write your Final Examination and uncertain what step to take next?

Are you thinking about which school subjects are best choice according to your giftings?

Careers Counselling is influencing the whole life: of your family, your friends - and it has to do with your social and financial situation, the acknowledgement in society and your balance and satisfaction in life. In addition there are parental, family and social expectations, the estimations of teachers -  and your secret wishes, hopes and dreams....one wants to do everybody right - dreams should come true.

But from where do I take the courage to decide?

Planning in time - together with a clearing-up with USB helps you to find your own and true way with courage. Please do not hesitate to contact me for further details concerning the testing programs itself and the procedure. As a point of information I may include that for none native speakers of both English and German I should offer multicultural tests which have shown a positive outcome and great success over the last years.